Starcom Thailand Recognised in Media Excellence

Winning no.1 media agency in RECMA qualitative evaluation for the third time in a row

Paris-based research agency RECMA (Research Company Evaluating the Media Agency Industry) has ranked Starcom Thailand as the Number 1 Media Agency in Thailand in July and for the 3rd time in a row since October 2015 in its latest Qualitative Evaluation.

Speaking about the recognition by RECMA, Mr. Atipol Ithivattana, head of media for Thailand, Publicis One said, “We are incredibly proud that Starcom Thailand has topped the ranking for three consecutive cycles in RECMA’s Qualitative Evaluation. This is entirely driven by our hardworking and talented team with different working styles and ideas as well as our corporate structure that perfectly supports the fast-changing advertising industry, particularly in digital media. All of these have led to our success as the highest-ranked media agency in Thailand.”

Starcom also focuses on long-term business management, resulting in a variety of digital media developments, Programmatic, Performance Marketing, and Personalization Marketing.

“Most importantly, Starcom’s recent success as the number one Media Agency in RECMA Qualitative Evaluation three times in a row clearly reflects our creativity -in the face of challenges including current economic fluctuation and other competitive factors- that led to the maximization of our client’s benefits, budget, and competitive edge,” added Mr. Ithivattana.

RECMA carries out media agency evaluations on a quarterly basis in 43 countries. 700 agencies are assessed based on a set of 19 key performances indicators focusing on the vitality and the structure of the agencies, including their management line-up. Media agency evaluation consists of two parts: the Quantitative Evaluation, which takes place annually, and the Qualitative Evaluation which takes place every four months.

The Qualitative Evaluation is increasingly becoming the clients’ “must-know” as it reflects media agency performance and efficiency in strategy and budget management for maximum effectiveness.

Within the ‘vitality’ assessment, RECMA compiles the agency’s pitch projects in the past 3 years along with corporate movement in the last 4 months of the evaluation time consisting of new business pitches, billings of media buying, internationally-recognized business partners, awards and achievements as well as stability of top management executives. The ‘structure’ assessment focused on the digital and diversified services capabilities of the agencies -which includes digital media planning, digital media technology, and content service- to derive the ratio of traditional media vs activity from diversified services. Additionally, RECMA also takes into consideration the following criteria including clients’ consumer base, ratio of international and local clients, service duration of each client as well as the top three biggest clients of the agency.

Founded in June 1991, in Paris (France), RECMA is the only independent rating company to publish a wide range of media agency notation reports and tools on a global scale. RECMA’s mission is to provide strategic intelligence reference tools to help the top 500 global advertisers in their decision-making and agency sourcing. RECMA collects and analyzes data from more than 880 media agencies in 60+ countries. The first global media report was published in 1999.